Customer comments and feedback.

Mellisa Wrote : Your cakes are amazing! Taste great, and look great!

Amanda Dennis Kevin i love this one instead ok.Its my favorite one you do an amazing job hun.

Nicole MacDonald

Oh kev.. I love this cake.. I’m gonna need one for a baby shower but not right away in the new year… But I know I want you to do it!!

Dawn Clyma

Dawn Clyma

Kev this is great you really need to have some business card or something
Tracey Harrison-Duncan

you are so going to do my daughters wedding cake…

Shara Johnston

i love your roses because you are the one who taught me how to do them when we worked together do you remember??:) they look great kevin
Sharie Lynn

that looks soo yummy cuzzin!! i wnt to eat it.. so my birthday is in october.. ur welcome to make my bday cake ahhahah xo
Tina Filion

oh my god kevin i have to have one in marble for my bd in june message me and let me know how much i just want one layer i cant believe it my apartment is filled with dolphins and i have a dolphin tat
Brenda Martel

KEVIN; This cake is gorgeous. My daughter would love it. She is a Dolphin freak. Keep up the good work

Amanda C Smith

This one is beautiful and i will make and order in 2013 when i get married…just beautiful!
Dominique How

now I know who can decorate my son’s first communion cake next year…
Melissa Mullins

This looks really nice! You did an awesome job!By the way….that cake you did for me was sooooo good! My mom loved it, we took it to my aunts place on Saturday, and everyone was making comments on how great it looked!


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